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How Does It Work?

In 3 Easy Steps








Pack & Ship

Shipping an instrument for repair use to be a stressful and complicated chore. Not anymore! We have made it our mission to provide a convenient and trusted shipping system that makes instrument care and repair an enjoyable process. Here are two options for sending us your instrument. 

Option A: You Ship & Save

This is the best method if you have access to the right shipping materials, or if you have used our service before, as you will already have the packing materials that were returned with your repaired instrument. Fill out your repair ticket choosing “Ship Myself”. Once the form is completed and you have made your deposit, you will be emailed a shipping label to add to your package. Once your repair has been completed, we will re-pack it with our trusted packing method to ensure a safe return, and send it back to you safe and sound.



Option B: The EBR Easy Pack*

Who has time to go out and find the correct packing materials to ship an instrument? Have you ever tried to find the right box to ship a cello or a Bass Clarinet? We do it all the time! And we're good at it. The last thing you want is to overpay for extra space from an oversized box, and you definitely don’t want to risk damaging your instrument. All EBR Easy Packs come tailor made for your instrument and case with all of the correct and necessary packing supplies inside, along with a set of packing instructions, and a return shipping label. We even send the tape to close the box! Simply pack your instrument, attach the return label, and send it our way using whichever carrier you chose during checkout. 


Don't fret about missing out on lessons and practice when you send in your instrument to be repaired. When you choose the EBR Easy Pack option, we can include a loaner instrument shipped out to you in your packaging materials! It's as easy as choosing 'send me a loaner' underneath the shipment options. When your supplies arrive at your house, simply unpack the loaner, to keep for the repair duration, repack your instrument that is to be repaired, seal and ship back to us. Once your repair is completed and shipped, simply make the switch, again, and ship the loaner back to us. 


Repair & Approval

Once we receive your instrument: We take a picture of it within its open case and email it to you for confirmation, along with a final price estimate for approval based on our inspection, and a completion date. Once we receive approval for the repair we begin working on your instrument. All repair jobs are logged with pictures, which you will receive at the end of the repair along with your payment invoice (minus your deposit). Once we receive payment, the instrument is packed using the highest level of care to ensure safe travel, and sent back to you safe and sound.



Return & Enjoy

Once we receive payment, the instrument is packed using the highest level of care to ensure safe travel, and sent back to you safe and sound. Time to get back to playing! You will also have the box and packing materials needed to send back your instrument for any future repairs!


Feel Free to Contact Us Now.


One of our representatives would be happy to assist you. 

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