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We are OPEN and shipping NATIONWIDE!

Easy Band Repairs is the industry leader for musical instrument repairs made easy. Our trusted network of professional band instrument repair technicians are some of the best in the business. Get the job done right without wasting gas, money and valuable playing time. For teachers, students, and musicians everywhere. 





Select your instrument and fill out our simple, on-line, form. Then, send us your instrument! Need the perfect packing supplies? We can provide those too! All shipments are insured and guaranteed!

Only experienced repair technicians will be handling your instrument. Once complete, you will receive a video of your instrument being play tested for approval. 

Your instrument will be packed with the highest level of care and returned to you, along with a 60 day repair warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Lets get playing!

How Does It Work?

Shipping practices are what sets us apart from the average repair shop. No more wasted time using an inadequate musical instrument repair shop because it is close to home. Get the best service without leaving your practice space! Need the right sized box? We have that covered.In fact, we can even deliver custom packing materials to safely ship your instrument back to us, complete with a return shipping label. Simply pack your instrument with the supplies and slap on the return label. All shipments are insured and can be transported via any major carrier. All repairs come with a free 60 day warantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  


All of our repairs are guaranteed to last for 60 days. 

Bench time to provide an estimate is 100% free. 

We take pride in our work. and are only satisfied if you are. 

What Do We Repair?


Educators & Institutions

If you are an educator or part of some other tax exempt organization, EASY BAND REPAIRS has tools in place to make the repair process easy for you! We are here to make bulk repairs easy with quick estimates for purchase orders, loaner instruments for overhauls on certain instruments, a 60 day guarantee on all repairs, excellent customer service, and an easy pay maintenance program to help keep your inventory up and running year round. Isn't it time to stop waiting week after week for inadequate repairs? Let EASY BAND REPAIRS help take your program to the next level. 

Our Repair Shops

Bulk Repairs

Easy Purchase Orders
Customer Service
Excellent Repair

Save Time & Money
60 Day Guarantee

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EASY BAND REPAIRS is available to all of the Continental United States. It is our mission to provide a valuable service to professional musicians, students, educators, and music programs around the country. All of our technicians are either Certified Band Instrument Repair Technicians, or seasoned repair workers who have spent many years learning, practicing, and perfecting their trade. 


If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, or are interested in becoming part of our growing instrument repair partners, please send inquiries to us via our contact page. We would love to hear from you!

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