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Repair Service Ticket Form

Simply fill out the repair ticket below to get things started. You will be asked to make a deposit on your repair before shipping is arranged. Round Trip shipping is taken care of and included in the pricing of most woodwind repairs and repads, 1 way shipping is included in some repairs that meet requirements. Check the page for your instrument for details. Custom shipping materials that make packing your instrument convenient and safe are available for all repairs at a nominal fee, and are also 100% FREE for repads and overhauls! 

Fill out the repair ticket below. If you choose a custom shipping package, it will be shipped out within 1 business day. If you choose to package with your own materials, a pre-paid shipping label will be emailed within 24 hours of your deposit.  
Free Round Trip Shipping
or 1 way shipping on most repairs
Your deposit will be taken off of your final bill. 
Get a custom shipping package to make packing a breeze. This includes:
The perfect Box
*Return Shipping Label
*Instrument Padding
*Even Tape!
Deliverd right to your doorstep!
This is free on woodwind instrument repads!


Success! Message received.

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