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Mellophone Repair By Experts That Care

Our Brass Instrument services all include an ultrasonic or chemical cleaning, complete inspection, all slides buffed and lubricated, valves polished, all corks and felts replaced, guides inspected, solder points checked, easily accessible dents removed, case vacuum, play test, and polish. 

Beyond that, we an custom fabricate, silver and gold plate, remove heavy dents, etc. Send in your horn for the above service and a technician will evaluate your instrument and contact you about other work you may want done. 

When you see the "It's Free" Symbol, 1-WAY shipping is included in the cost of your instrument repair! Yes REALLY! 
All prices to the right are base prices for typical repairs. Custom work, special order parts, and unexpected work will be at an additional charge. The technician will contact you with an official estimate upon receiving your instrument for repair. 




Base Pricing

Base Price - 1 Way Shipping Included  $125
Elite Cleaning/Maintenance
is provided as the base service for all brass instrument repairs. This includes:
1) Full Disassembly
2) Ultrasonic or Chemical Dip
3) All Slides Buffed 
4) Full Lubrication
5) All Corks and Felts Replaced
6) Full Inspection of Valves 
7) Valves Polished
8) Solder Points Inspcted
9) Easily Accessible Dent Repair
10) Case Vacuum & Instrument Polish
Additional Repairs Quoted Upon Receipt of Instrument
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