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Soprano Sax Repair By Experts That Care

From small adjustments to complete overhauls of student, intermediate, and artist sopranos. A custom shipping package is available and can be delivered right to your door to make sending us your instrument a breeze. Custom shipping packaging is 100% FREE for all repads & overhauls! Round trip shipping is included for most soprano repairs. 

When you see the "It's Free" Symbol, round trip shipping is included in the cost of your instrument repair! Yes REALLY! 
All prices to the right are base prices for typical repairs. Custom work, special order parts, and unexpected work will be at an additional charge. The technician will contact you with an official estimate upon receiving your instrument for repair. 




Base Pricing

Playing Condition 
Full Regulation and Adjustment of keywork. Up to 6 torn or unusable pads replaced, brought back into good playing condition, case vacuum, play test. 
Student $110
Intermediate - $130
Artist - $145
Clean, Oil, Regulation/Adjust 
Ultrasonic Clean neck and mouthpiece, hand clean body and keys, worn cork replaced, full regulation of keywork, up to 6 torn pads replaced and seated, lubrication, case vacuum, play test.  
Student $135
Intermediate - $155
Artist - $185
Complete Disassembly, pads removed, entire instrument ultrasonically cleaned, pads replaced, all rods and screws cleaned and lubricated, reassembly, full regulation, pads seated, vacuum case, play test. 
Student  Repad - $400
Intermediate  Repad - $450
Artist  Repad - $475
Additional parts and customization by estimate. 
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